Sunday, January 21, 2007

The onslaught of winter...

Well the onslaught of winter has taken hold of my spirits and rendered me to a life of e-fishing from my notebook. I first must apologize for my recent absence. I have had to step away from my piscatorial passions for a bit and give my personal life some much needed attention.

Since my last post I have liberated myself of a questionable collectors piece and am in the midst of procuring a replacement or two.

As life is constantly filled with irony I have a bit of a conundrum to resolve. I was lucky enough to get 3 separate emails over the last week with offers of fine reels to purchase. I am not sure which one or two I will procure but thought it would make a good mid-January post.

I welcome feedback and opinions on which one or two of the three you all would consider :-)

First Reel is an Ang Spec Offset in mint condition

Second is an Adcock Stanton to be imported from Wales in fair to mint condition with original packaging and documentation purchased from Walkers of Trowell in Nottingham.

Third is an original finish MykissII in mint condition presently residing in British Columbia. (this pic is of G's MykissII)