Monday, May 21, 2007

First Trip North

To know me is to know a man possessed. I don't' quite feel right unless I am at the end of my float rod, chainsaw, axe, or in the Near North. I breath better, think better, and genuinely feel better when I am North. I am not a wealthy man by no means but a while back it was very important to me to own my own piece of the North. I obsessed about it to the point where I knew every MLS listing on the market at any given time that I just may possibly scrounge enough cash together to purchase. I watched prices double and the dream slip away from my grasp. It went on for a few years until fate came in the form of an email. The email was an invitation to look at an acre and a quarter on the beautiful Muskoka River and have first crack at it prior to it going to market. What I had obsessed about for over two years was before me and I started to get cold feet. LOL!!! Once again my wife had to remind me that this was meant to be so we purchased our dream in 2004. We have put alot of sweat equity into our property and have great memories from the last 3 years.
This past weekend was yet another one of those memorable trips.
After an exhausting 3 week shutdown of 6-12's I was ready for a break. We decided to open up the trailer on the lot and spend 4 days up in Muskoka. The weather man was predicting a stellar weekend and stellar it was. The bugs were most co-operative as well as the Deer, Moose, and beaver. The kids had a ball and Heather and myself got the breaks we desperately needed.
I am very fortunate to have my fishing and my Northern getaway. I am more fortunate to have a wife who supports both. I am a blessed man!