Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Sunworshipper I am not, humidity hater I am. I have never been a fan of the summer months. As a child it was the best time of the year due mostly in part to the fact that there was no school to be had. In recent times I have grown to enjoy all of the season in some respect. Spring and fall for my obvious Piscatorial passions, Winter for the simpler slow pace and relaxation, and Summer for the family time we spend together in the Muskokas or camping.
This Summer has proven to be a typical busy period. We have had the typical Wedding Weekend, the Drunken Bayfest Weekend, numerous trips to our Muskoka haven, and a repeat family camping trip to Temagami. Busy it has been but much quality time has been spent with the Girls.

This summers main ambition has been to build a Bunkie/Storage building at our Northern retreat. It is progressing along fine but as all projects go is taking longer than envisioned due mostly in part to my intolerance for imperfections. (well the ones I know about anyway) Each year we try to accomplish one major improvement/addition to the property in hopes that some day we will be complete and can actually relax and enjoy it as it should be enjoyed. I am starting to think the relaxation will never come to be. LOL!! I am not one to wish my life away so I am happy to take the small accomplishments as they come. My apologies for not updating this site for some time but as I mentioned earlier it has been a wonderfully busy time.