Sunday, March 25, 2007

Old Friends

As fate would have it I was privileged to fish the secret spot again this morning. This time with an old friend. It was nice to hook up after a long winter and share a drift. Once again G put on a clinic and I got the honour to man the digi. Another serene fishless morning for me but nonetheless a success.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Really Big Water

There is something to be said about living close to water. One can't put a price on the ability to wake up, shower, drift some decent water and return home while the kids are still in their pyjamas. Water was mint today and I only had to share it with two other gentlemen. Still a little early for these parts but we should have turned a few fish. Oh will happen in time. If not for the solitude and peacefulness alone this morning was a huge success.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Another great day of casting

After a very long hiatus and the long awaited arrival of spring my inner demons have started to have their bi-annual conversations in my head. Pretty sure Dejon from Chrome on Chrome is responsible having reported a 30+ fish day to me but I'm not one to lay blame. ;0) Once awoken there is no stopping them. They start discussing the cons. Then they weigh their options. They begin to deliberate short term vs long term forecasts. They start justifying fuel costs, and on and on until logical reason has no chance of prevailing. The resultant was a mid-week vacation day and a road trip north. Lets just say it was another great day of casting ;0)
Glad to get a decent drift in and nice to be on the water again. I don't think it hit the +10C temps the weatherman was bragging about. I think it was more like -10C. I actually had to de-ice every 10th drift. Oh ya, have I ever mentioned how much I love wind and slush? But doesn't everyone? Funny thing is the demons are quiet. For now...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring is in the air

For what was a mild and short winter it sure feels like spring has been a long time coming. (one m for G) My piscatorial adventures have been nil since my last epic adventure mid December 06. I have not forgotten my passion but merely set it aside while I enjoyed my family. Winter for me in early 2007 consisted of keeping the wood stove stoked and working at the challenges set before me with a new position at a different facility with my company of employment. It is nice to set things aside and renew the desire. My passion is November/December fishing but spring always gets the blood pumping. I welcome a new addition to my collection. I opted for the Stanton and have not regretted it. It is truly a beautiful piece and will complement the 5" Black Stanton addition from 2006. Classic by design and proven runners these reels have earned their place in Great Lakes steelheading history.