Friday, September 12, 2008

The rebirth of an Icon

About 18 months ago I had placed an ad on an online UK fishing website looking to purchase an Adcock Stanton Centrepin reel. The approach proved to be successful and resulted in the acquisition of two mint reels from two separate sources. A great deal of time had passed since the purchase of these reels when an email arrived in my inbox from the UK. The email simply asked if I was still looking for an Adcock Stanton centrepin reel. Having become somewhat of an amateur collector of pins in the past couple of years and a big fan of the Stantons I naturally replied "yes". The next response proved to be interesting and captured my full attention. The email read "Hi I'm going to see Cliff Adcock tomorrow and could ask him if he will make one for you. What size do you want 4inch 4.5 or 5 inch black or natural aluminium finish. He has given up making them but just might do a one off. Email me at......" Unknowingly, this email was to lead me on a journey, and provide me with an opportunity to be a part of something truly special. Simply put the rebirth of an Icon.
The Adcock Stanton Centrepin reel was the mainstay of it's time and truly the workhorse of the early Great Lakes Float Fishing community. Many a Great Lakes Steelheader cut their teeth on the Stanton pins (myself included) and the majority of these reels are still running strong and proud today. From 1984 to as late as 2004 Cliff Adcock hand produced his version of the Stanton Reel in his home shop in Nottingham England. Cliff hand assembled every reel with the care and precision of an old world craftsman. This dedication and attention to detail has often fallen to the wayside in modern times but has now seen it's resurgence with the new Adcock Stanton.
I am pleased to announce the Adcock Stanton Centrepin Reel will once again be offered to the Great Lakes Steelheading community. I am as equally proud to have had the opportunity to offer input to some of the many enhancements made to this classic reel. I can honestly say the gentlemen bringing this reel back from retirement have spared no expense to offer top notch second to none quality and craftsmanship.

AT this time I am currently awaiting my reels for field trials. To register your interest and get notification on launch please proceed to the following link