Friday, February 26, 2010

We fished here...why?

I'm really looking forward to the spring fishery. This latest round of winter has me longing for the rivers even more. Found this little video on you tube while watching the Canada/Slovak game that brought back a memory. One February weekend I convinved Norland that it would be a good idea to make a trip to Grand Rapids to hook up with Keith Snary so I could pick up a Mykiss and fish the day with him in his boat on the Muskegon. Well as fate had it the weather was insane and we could have pushed the car faster to Grand Rapids. This combined with other factors had our host hesitant to make the drive up to Newaygo. We ended up fishing the Grand River out of his jet powered Jon Boat. At the time the novelty of it all fueled some excitement but looking back on it and viewing this video it really wasn't our scene. I don't like Urban Steelheading... Something about muddy water, concrete and non stop police sirens that takes the romance out of it all.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Porn to fill the void

I miss the emptiness is developing. There is hope on the horizon as I just secured the Cabin for the now "Annual Spring Big Manistee Extravaganza"
Until then I'll have to make due with internet fish porn.

Found this sweet little video on the web. Enjoy

2008 BC Steelhead Fishing from Mark Shannon on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

So that's where they come from

PA Steelhead....Genetic superiority from the headwaters of the mightly Trout Run.

Hey, Is that Norland and Harv in the yellow rain suits. FReaks!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Imagine a world without fishing.
Imagine never having the opportunity to disappear and experience nature intimately.
Imagine not having the ability to forget about the distractions and stressors of daily life.
Imagine never feeling the anticipation of a pending outing.
Imagine the inability to get lost in ones random thoughts.

Imagine not feeling the exuberance of arriving to a lonely favored run.
Imagine never experiencing the excitement of that initial drift.
Imagine not being able to experience the violent confirmation after the hook set.
Imagine never laying witness to the raw beauty of a fresh-in fish.
Imagine never experiencing the grandeur of ones favorite flow in her prime.
Imagine never witnessing fall’s true splendor reflected on a river of glass.
Imagine never feeling the agony of defeat.
Imagine never feeling the frustration of the third snag.
Imagine not experiencing the instant warming sensation the disappearance of your float brings.

Imagine never feeling the complete exhaustion of the epic battle.
Imagine never feeling the accolades of the release.
Imagine never experiencing the vindication success brings on a new flow.
Imagine not having the ability to communicate through a facial expression or body gesture.
Imagine never feeling comfort dropping into an icy flow in the midst of a snow storm.
Imagine never having the feeling of being so alive.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Taking your Steelie for a walk...Norland style

O.K. so by now you should all know that Norland likes to savour every moment of the catch. He like to caress and hug his fish and often takes them for long romantic walks down river. He has also been know to buy them balloons and ice cream. Well this past Muskegon trip he proved no boat will stop him. Seriously...there just is no helping that crazy Biatch. But I guess when you run #20's and 2 lb flouro thats the way ya gotta roll.

Enjoy and please excuse the trucker mouth but it was getting a little sketch out there. ;0) LOL!!!!

Norland and his long walks from Brian M on Vimeo.

Settling in

February is officially upon us and it looks like winter will marginally hold it's grip for the entire month. There are options but to be honest I'm content with paying my dues at work, banking some time, and doing a little writing. Looks like STS are willing to publish my second submission with hopes that perhaps a major Canadian Magazine will do the same. Currently working on a third and hey...who know what the future holds.
Like I've said before...never say never.