Monday, October 13, 2014

Another Season...

 It's been a long time since my poetic narrative and/or perverse perspective have adorned this humble blogs pages.  Truth be known I have not wet a line since my return from Alaska in early May.  Piscatorially I had become burned out.  So much so that I couldn't muster up the ambition to tell the tale of the second epic AK adventure.  Too much of a good thing I guess...  

There is no better way to end a Steelheading season than on a high note like the AK trip but after that had played out it was sincerely time to check out for a while.  I have always taken a moderate reprieve from the fishing scene come late Spring but this time around it seemed to be way more extreme. 

Summer is time to recharge my batteries. A time to re-instill the passion through abstinence. 
In order to go as hard as I do from October through to May I need to shut it all down and allow my other interests to consume my time and attention.  What this does is allows me to approach the river fully charged in the fall with a rekindled spirit once the rains come and the temperatures plummet. 

Well as fate would have it both occurred somewhat earlier than anticipated this fall.
The stars aligned and the rains came early along with unseasonably cool temperatures.  The usual indicators were screaming green light so we made the trek up the lake to seize the opportunity. 

The winds were extreme and we fished second water all day but we toughed it out and managed to turn a few in our usual haunts. It was a nice segway into what I hope to be a stellar 2014/2015 Fall/Winter season.
To the religious followers of this Blog I thank you for your patience and persistence.  The blogger hits counter broke 101,000 even without any new posts in the past 5 months.   It's nice to see the traffic even when there is no new content. 
I hope to be somewhat regular with my posts in the coming months and provide some decent content for your enjoyment so keep stopping by and chime in once and a while...the comments are always appreciated.