Monday, June 03, 2013


I’ve had the opportunity to demo some very cool offerings from Rapala as of late. I have to say the people I have had the pleasure of working with have been nothing short of top shelf and are extremely open to feedback and input from the guys waist deep. I had all intentions of running this combo hard in AK but the conditions and circumstances dictated otherwise. I felt really bad about it but the Rains…man the Rains… On my return I was anxious to get some river time on the gear. I finally had an opportunity to run the new SHIFT offset pin along with the R-Type recently while up at the Cabin and have to say it’s a sweet production level reel that will get the job done in style! I have always liked the look of the offset reel mountings and this arrangement doesn’t disappoint. The reel is super light and the ABEC 7’s see that the startup is essentially effortless. The 5” design affords quicker line retrieval and the quick release spool covers off any impromptu streamside reel maintenance considerations. The clicker is one of the strongest in the industry. As with everything there are a couple of minor improvement opportunities that they have received feedback on. I am told their R&D Team are currently addressing these items. This reel will certainly give its competitors a run for their money and I’m sure we will see a fair amount of these reels on the rivers in the coming seasons. Check them out here at SHIFT 5" OFFSET CENTERPIN Some of the key features include: • Contoured palming ring. • Durable and secure click-check. • Machined stainless steel spindle. • Custom reinforced off-centre reel foot for better rod balance. • Ported and balanced for reduced weight and smooth balanced operation. • Quick release spool allows for quick streamside maintenance. • Large 5” diameter spool provides low inertia spool startup for greater sensitivity and quicker line pick-up. • Drift control adjustment knob. • “EZ Twist” Clicker Knob • Includes custom neoprene case.

Sunday, June 02, 2013


Wow time flies... It's hard to believe that some 7 years later and nearing 80,000 hits I am throwing up post number 400. I mean seriously...I'm just some Steelhead bum throwing pen to paper and firing away on my point and shoot like a mad fiend. The Internet...go figure...
It can be a curse at times and a lot of work but the ends some how seem to justify the means. This little piece of the world wide web has put me in in contact with some pretty cool people that I now consider friends, afforded me great opportunities that I would have never imagined possible, and has continually challenged and fueled my creative spirit. It has become somewhat of a personal commitment. If for nothing more than an achieve of my own travels, adventures and accomplishments I plan on being around for a while. It is so nice to have been able to capture the memories and go back in time and relive them with the click of a button.  We live in great times...
So...if you are so inclined...keep stoppin by