Monday, October 23, 2006

November Rains

Well here it is. My offering to the E-generation of Great Lakes Steelheaders that I have so unknowingly been drawn into. Being of the wise old age of 36 I have watched the E-Steelheading community from afar for the past 5 years. I have witnessed a shift of sorts from those longing to prove their self worth via numbers posting and location name dropping to a more reluctant once bitten motley crew who are more concerned with background blocking and post banning. Myself I prefer to do what I do best...bite my tongue, lurk from afar, and fish my little piece of heaven on the drop. Don't get me wrong. The internet has been a wealth of knowledge to me and has given or lead me to the tools I now use to refine my craft.
A twist of fate has led me to this "Blog" community. A need to compete with my nemesis and fishing partner. Well I wasn't gonna let him get one up on me! LOL!

What I hope to offer here is a venue to share my adventures across the Great Lakes in search of disappearing Drennans and flashes of silver. My passion is steelheading. It has been with me since the days of running the Inverhuron creeks after school and proudly landing my first steelhead on the banks of the Little Sauble. It's a passion that once in your soul keeps you longing for fall and November Rains.


Trotsky said...

You mis-spelled wealth you dipshyte.....Christ ! will have to hold your hand with this too!
Off to bed......guarding this country can be tiring.

lambton said...

Were you dippin into the crack bucket again G? Ya gotsta lay off of the contraband candy!

Get your rest my friend because I am gonna really push you hard this Wednesday.