Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring is in the air

For what was a mild and short winter it sure feels like spring has been a long time coming. (one m for G) My piscatorial adventures have been nil since my last epic adventure mid December 06. I have not forgotten my passion but merely set it aside while I enjoyed my family. Winter for me in early 2007 consisted of keeping the wood stove stoked and working at the challenges set before me with a new position at a different facility with my company of employment. It is nice to set things aside and renew the desire. My passion is November/December fishing but spring always gets the blood pumping. I welcome a new addition to my collection. I opted for the Stanton and have not regretted it. It is truly a beautiful piece and will complement the 5" Black Stanton addition from 2006. Classic by design and proven runners these reels have earned their place in Great Lakes steelheading history.


Trotsky said...

Gear pig...
I am about ebay a couple of my float reels. I have decide to streamline a bit. I can't stand having things around that I don't use.
'Bout time you update your blog you POS!

SD said...

So...did you buy both Stantons you posted here or just the Black 5" er ?

Ya.. bout time you updated this.. :oP

lambton said...

I had the Black 5"er. I got it last summer. Picked it up from Jim Butler. Long story but it started on ebay and found it's way to my warm caring hands.
I love my stantons as much as my Islanders. Different animals but each hold their places in G-lakes steelheading.