Thursday, April 12, 2007

All That Is Oak

2:30 am came quick this morning and once again we found ourselves on the highway embarked on a quest to quench our insatiable thirst for Great lakes Steelhead. Today's destination was Western NY. Specifically Orleans County and the infamous Oak Orchard River. Just the mention of the Oak conjures up images of mud, mono, zebra muscles and oh yes steelhead. The Oak has been a kind river to Gene and myself over the past couple of years and she has yet to turn us away unrewarded. Today's adventure was to prove no different. With all of the recent events surrounding land ownership and public access we were hesitant to fish our usual section of river but decided to persevere and were glad we did.
Today I landed one of my largest steelhead to date, a large hen well into the 30 inch class. I question if I would have managed this fine specimen had we made acquaintance in December and she had a couple more pounds to her credentials. None the less she made my trip. Another highlight of my day was meeting up with a very handsome resident brown.
Gene had a great morning as well putting a few on the beach and lost heart breaker in the 8lb range. I was privileged to get a very good look at the mint coloured up male before he broke free. The fishing was steady and rewarding. All we could ask for on yet another adventure.


Trotsky said...

Another good trip. Sorry I can't make the next one but the nation is depending on me.
Good luck and I'll see you when I get back.
That was quite a fish.
Burn the gloves.

lambton said...

Awesome trip. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the company and the stories. I'm still laughing
Hey, say high to Mr. Harper for me.
As for the gloves, they are fermenting in a ziplock under a heat lamp in prep for our next adventure.
Be careful in Ottawa and don't touch any "moist ones".
I'll be sure to dedicate the first 20 steelies to you ;o)