Sunday, October 21, 2007


One tends to long for something he or she cannot have. That longing grows exponentially as the difficulty of obtaining that something increases. Mix with this longing a passion for what that something is used and you have the makings for a journey.
As anyone who reads this blog knows my passion is steelheading and that recent "something" was a MykissII Centrepin reel in original finish. My journey recently ended when I was fortunate enough to procure a new in the box original finish reel number B024. She will be a welcome compliment to my collection and her sister reel MykissI A022.
There are alot of mixed feeling about these reels in our tight knit community but for me they are aesthetically pleasing, highly collectable reels that fish extremely well. I plan to own them both for a very long time and truly use them for what they were intended.


Trotsky said...

Nice reel....
I may have to go retro just so we don't end up looking like bookends out there....
But whos kidding who....with this weather I think that the Steelhead run is cancelled.

lambton said...

No worries G. We'll find some chrome somewhere in the central g-lakes basin.

Now for the weather we have been having... :0.

SD said...

Matching bookends finally ! Maybe now I won't receive solicitations every few months from you for mine.

For what-ever reason I just couldn't get my head around the 4 of these that I had at various points. The one I have still sits in it's Original box, in the midst of a project/progress in work..