Saturday, November 24, 2007

being alive...

As a child I often dreaded the onslaught of the cold snow laden wintery months. The barren frigid cold, the solemn isolation and the decreased photo period would pay its toll on my youthful spirit. Funny how we evolve and our lifestyles and personal preferences change. I had one of the best days ever on the water recently. Not due to optimum conditions or number of fish but more so due in part to the entire collective package this day would deliver. The company of a gentlemen as equally irrational as I, the lengthy anticipation to fish home waters, the fresh powder blanket in the forest, the crisp grey winteresque sky, and the sense of complete and utter isolation all culminated into one of those days we often pray for but seldom get to experience. We all have our passions and we pursue them to the fullest but it is those special days when all the elements come together that we truly appreciate being alive.


Trotsky said...

Nice hat you POS!!!.
..that hat screams bugger me madly.
See you next trip.

Merdus said...

I have to admit that I second the opinion on the hat, there, 15 love.

Awesome release shots. I licked my screen...


BCM said...

Nothing beats being streamside during a snow squall. Days like that comprise some of my best fishing experiences. Tying into some nice chromers certainly doesn't hurt either ;O)

congrats on the titanium torpedos!

lambton said...

You two homo's are hot for me and the hat! I can tell. I am now officially on a mission to find an even gayer hat.

P.S. quit lickin your screen! That'll make you go blind.

lambton said...


You are most certainly right about snow squalls. There is nothing better than fresh chrome and fresh powder.

Trotsky said...

Good luck finding a gayer hat then that hideous pos!!!!
At least now I have some support!!!
(lick the screen!!!...good one!)