Thursday, December 20, 2007


Crow...The most foul taste that can touch ones pallet. Today I had to eat a little.
You see I ran up the lake and made the brutal hike back into the bush to fish water I was certain would be unlocked or I could unlock only to face the brutal reality that I had been told two days prior. The river truly is shutdown. I arrived to find the slow wintering runs were locked up with ice and could not be persuaded and to top it all off what was normally a 25 min hike almost doubled with the 14" snow base in the bush.
What kind of passion drives one to ignore reason and logic and endeavour and persevere without hope. I'll tell you...that passion is Steelheading.

There will be no treadmill for me tonight. I've earned my reprieve for the week!
And for Itchy and Scratchy who are living vicariously through me today...You two fatties don't have to do your cardio either ;0) I got it all covered! ;0)

Now what does Norland say? Oh ya..."Where's my Scotch!"


Trotsky said...

I told ya so.....
Good on ya for trying.

lambton said...


Ya you were right. (F*&ker!)
That just very well may be it for that little river. It will have to blow out to clear up that mess.
You know you could have emailed me pics and I still would have had to go and give it a try. I am not ready to let go.

Looks like it's road trips for me here on out. ;0)