Sunday, December 30, 2007

High Traffic Sunday

Hit the river with Wallace today. Was nice to meet up with David once more this season before it's demise.
I hadn't really planned on fishing today but with a more than favourable report from the day prior and pretty incredible late December weather I felt an itch to get out there while the gettin is good. As per our routine we arrived pre light only to find our access point populated with 2 vehicles. This turned out to be the theme of the morning as the river traffic resembled that of a spring weekend. We managed to find some lonely water up top and worked it hard for a couple hours. Dave managed a couple but I struggled. I was only good for a morning fish so we decided to slip back down to the wintering hole and hope the run had been vacated. On the way I managed to meet up with an older gentlemen that I met last year on the river. George is a very nice fellow in his early 70's still putting quality time in on the river. I truly hope to be as fortunate when I reach those years. We arrived at our destination to see it had indeed been vacated. This is a special place to me and it has provided me with a tonne of memories over the years. Today it was to add a few more ;0) While I fished here I had the pleasure of meeting up with a couple of decent steelheaders that as it turned out share a mutual acquaintance. We actually fished 4 wide in the wintering hole sharing a drift and conversation. I have almost forgotten what it is like to fish with others around. Today was a reminder that with the right crowd exercising angling etiquette it can be an enjoyable experience.


dave.wallace said...

Dig my lawn tractor, mullet and "banana hammock"!!!

lambton said...

That's a "Night Crawler Harvester" your riding.
man that's funny...

Trotsky said...

Both you guys are raving homos...
I hope I can find some elbow room tomorrow or I am going to lose it.

Anonymous said...

It was good to meet you out there today. Its too bad that it was so busy though. Given the low water conditions we faced all year I think everyone was attempting to squeeze a whole season into one week! Good luck to you in 2008!


lambton said...


I second your sentiments. It was a pleasure to meet up with you and Scott(?) and I hope we can share a drift again in the future. This past week has indeed seen increased traffic on that system. I really can't blame anyone for taking advantage of the water. When she is prime it sure is a special place. We are all very fortunate to live within proximity of such a Healthy system.
From what I gather rivers on the West Coast do not produce consistent size and numbers that we have experienced over the last 3or 4 seasons. The Great Lakes Steel Heading Scene is "Where it's At" IMHO
Look forward to our next meeting.
Happy New Years to you and yours.
If you don't mind I would love to pick your brain re: some Ohio tribs. Drop me an email at