Sunday, December 02, 2007

"with much hope and anticipation"

Instead of fishing this fine December Sunday afternoon I sit here with much hope and anticipation that the largest storm system to hit South Western Ontario this fall will actually deliver a fraction of the promised precipitation. The conditions this fall have been poor to say the least and the desire to pursue my passion increases exponentially as the season dwindles away. Travelling in pursuit of chrome has a novel appeal but quantity prevails over quality when one is not fishing Huron or Michigan Tribs. I have had but a mere sampling of my home waters this season and truly hope this system brings a few days reminiscent of last years experience.
In keeping with the "timing" theme this season the second Shotgun Deer Hunt will be underway next week. Norland is somewhat concerned. I probably should be as well but my passion will put me on that river.


Steelhead Diaries said...

"quantity prevails over quality when one is not fishing Huron or Michigan Tribs."

That is true, the wild fisheries of Lake Superior, Ontario and Erie have no integrity.

lambton said...

:0) WOW I'm flatterd.

Now having reviewed my entry I can see how I may have been misinterpreted.
For the record. I was in no way stating that any of the other steelheading venues are not worthy of persuing or are second rate by any means. I was merely speaking of my personal experiences. Which for the record are very minimal.
I have reread this post numerous times and can see how it may offend. Not the intention. Truth be told I was more concerned with how I was going to cyber-jab Norland with the hot-links.

Flushed you out though! ;0) Glad you visit.

Trotsky said...

Uncle Booger???
..Man where the hell do find this stuff??

steelhead_diaries said...

"Flushed you out though! ;0) Glad you visit."

LOL, BLAST! (...guilty)

Merdus said...

My own 2 cents... Although very true that the Huron & Mich tribs are not the exclusive residence of high quality steelhead, Brian's statement works if you consider that it was probably made in reference to US Erie tribs. You have to spend many fishing hours on the 'geen or the Maitland to catch even one of the odd mutants (insert link to Norland here) that are available daily on the US side. And those Huron fish will wipe out your finger prints on the centrepin, when they're fresh in, whereas 'most' (not all) US Erie fish fight with much less fire.


Trotsky said...

Just as I suspected!!!
You are all against me!!!!!Rotters!!!!