Sunday, October 26, 2008

Adcock Stanton Centre Pin Reel 2008

A while back I was granted the opportunity to be part of a truly great undertaking.
A gentleman from the UK was about to purchase the Adcock Stanton Centre Pin reel rights from Cliff Adcock. His goal was simple. Purchase the rights, improve the reel, get Cliff's blessing, and bring one of the best centre pin reels to market.
The internet and a twist of fate put us together and we would embark on a multitude of phone conversations and countless emails over the course of 8 months that would end in a truly spectacular reel.

There are numerous improvements to the classic version.
To name a few:
-100% manufactured, designed, and hand assembled in Great Britain
-High grade aircraft Aluminum
-Solid Reel Foot with recessed solid brass label
-ABEC 5 Precision Bearings
-Dupont Krytox lubrication good down to -60 C/-80 F
-Polished Stainless Steel Shaft
-Quick Release spool
-Ultra low start up and adequate inertia
-Improved clicker mechanism
-4.5" and 5" availability
-6 fantastic Rock Solid Anodizing Colour options
-100% Reel customizing availability and accessories

For purchase information and product details please direct interest to


Trotsky said...

They look pretty sweet!!
...and now for the big question...
How Much$$$...and when...

lambton said...

Can one put a monetary value on true art? LOL!!!
Not certain G but I suspect all those questions will be answered from their Web Site. I was told they should be good to go in the next couple of weeks.

Greg Lum said...

Are you a sales rep or consultant for Stanton? I was wondering as I talked to Craig at Erie Outfitters and he's interested in those reels

lambton said...


The new owner wants to handle all sales directly from his website once it's up an running. Shouldn't be long now! Pre-sales will be from the webpage he set up for initial interest. Emails should be going out shortly to all those that registered.
As for my involvment. I was more of a consultant. I was asked what I would like to see on an improved Stanton from a Great Lakes Steelheader's perspective.
eg. metal reel seat, ABEC 5's, ultra low temp lubrication, Colour options, clicker improvement etc...
Funny you should mention Craig as the new owner specifically mentioned Craig contacting him.

Trotsky said...

I'll bet you discussed "low temp lubrication" you raving homo...

Mikey said...

I live in Ontario and have a 5 inch stanton I purchased 16+ years ago. I've tried many other pins but love my Stanton. Looks like some welcome improvements are being made.

On another note, my reel had a cap with an adjustable drag. Years ago I lost the drag washer. Any idea where I could pick up such a part?


lambton said...

Hi Mike,
Once the main website is up I'd suggest you email them and see what they can work out for you. Not certain if they will be able to do a one off but they do have regular contact with Cliff Adcock.
Well worth asking anyways.
The site should be up in the next week or so. Also contact letters should be going out very soon to all those that registered.

also you could contact
They service Stantons and may have a source for parts. Well worth inquiring. They are great with very fast service.

jay said...

Ray Highland is a great guy and is very eager to please his customers,I have a few Stantons in my collection and they out perform some of my very expensive reels.