Saturday, October 18, 2008

Where Eagles Fly

An unexpected rise in hydrological data granted me yet another early Fall Steelheading opportunity on the eastern shores of Huron. This time the river promised to be in shape and the weather as equally accommodating. Arriving prelight to my starting point I was startled to find the hole occupied by two gentlemen. Respecting their space I opted to venture up to the next run and start my morning there. As the light started to set in I could see the river kept her promise and held that mystical green tinge and hypnotizing swift flow. Not a half dozen drifts into my morning two more gentlemen stepped from the forest wall and proceeded to join me me in the run. The next 45 mins proved to be in vain as no fish were turned. I made a conscious decision to cut my losses, stretch the legs, and find some solitude. Norland had fished earlier in the week and told me how the river had changed over the summer. I was curious to fish one specific run in particular so I set out on the hike.

The shire is on fire this time of year. One’s senses get overwhelmed with the aromas and vivid palette the forest has to offer. It truly is a stunning place.
Arriving at my destination I was granted my wish of peace and solitude. As I settled in and made my first drift. I immediately begin to anticipate the 4.5 gram Drennan plummeting down into the emerald abyss. The third drift in it disappears and I set up on a hot chromer. This being my first fish of the 2008 Fall season and first wild Huron fish on the new custom I had spun up I was quite excited and being overly cautious. As I look up to check the bend of the blank I am awestruck by what’s before my eyes. A Bald Eagle soaring over the run. It was low enough that I could see his eyes and the fact that he was eyeing up my fish as he made gestures timed with the hot chromers pulsating runs. I couldn’t believe what was unfolding and the fact that I was so blessed to see this magnificent creature. I was certain that I had seen a juvenile Eagle back in December of 2007 on the river but this encounter certainly confirmed that. This bird was in full adult color phase and truly majestic.
As the bird drifted around the bend I was quickly reminded of the chrome bullet at the end of my line. After numerous violent thrusts back into the depths of the run I managed to put her on the bank. She was as equally stunning as the Eagle and a compliment to her species. Not a single mark on her as if she had just come from chrome plating. The raw beauty of these fish never fail to amaze me. Mother Nature truly is the ultimate artist.
A few pics and she was on her way. The remainder of my morning was engrossed with a few more willing participants, spectacular fall backdrops, and the excitement of fishing new water. Truly a day to remember and reflect on how lucky we are to live where we do.


Trotsky said...

"After numerous violent thrusts"...

Bald Eagle??
So now it is not just the meat hunters but the Raptors we have to worry about!!!????
I am definately bring my sidearm with me ..
I told you I could knock the eye out of a bird flying.

I told about that run didn't I???

lambton said...

Between the Wendigo, Mountain Lions, Black Bears, Rednecks and now Eagles I'm thinkin I better get some additional insurance on my hide.
What scared me most was the faint banjo music in the distance.

Birrr Dirr Dirr Dirr Dirr Dirr Dirr Dirr Dirrrrrrrrr

dave.wallace said...

Nice work Brian!

Glad to see that the river was good to you but was stingy this weekend to all of the shitheels fishing the catch and kill derby.

I managed to sneak away for the morning today to the home water and was also rewarded with some early season wild, chrome bullets.

lambton said...

Hey Dave,
Good to hear from ya. Hope all is good and well out your way. I suspect that little one is keeping ya busy! Really looking forward to the next couple of months.


Harv said...

Glad to see you were able to break away and rejuvenate the soul with some fresh chrome.

September seems to be a chaotic month in our line of work so it is nice to see October roll around and be able to direct our attention to something more passionate - steelhead!

Looks like it is going to be a good season - looking forward to some memorable roadtrips brother.

Next week looks to be shaping up nicely with some precip in the forecast!!

Well written blog Brian - beauty colors in those pictures.



lambton said...

Kinds words Harv! Thanks...
You are right about Sept...started to wear on me actually. Anyways this outing really saved me. I feel recharged and ready to roll. With all this rain on the horizon it has the makings to be something truly special. Looking forward to a stellar season and some more memorable road trips. Fun times ahead...

Hooked Outfitting said...

good read!