Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"into the grass emerald green water"

I fished with Norland today.
Wow...what a stellar day. Cold crisp air, a gloomy fall sky, and into the grass emerald green water... Seriously, what more could we have asked for?

With the recent abundance of water fishing has proven a little more challenging this fall season. Fish are scattered throughout the system. With new water comes new fish but these pushes don't seem to be prolific. However, the fish we are managing have been stunning and a compliment to our little river. One theory as to the lack of fish is that they have taken advantage of the unseasonably warmer water temps and abundance of flow and pushed hard up to the headwaters. I for one can only hope this is indeed the case. It certainly would be nice to know that we are in for a great spawning year. However hard I try I still cannot shake the image of our little river. When she comes into her own she truly is beautiful.


Trotsky said...

I am getting too old for this shit.
Oh my aching back..

lambton said...

Old Man Norland...OMN

Joe said...

I think these fish are starving out in the lake, I sure hope I am wrong :(

Well done, yesterday was tough, but Sunday and Monday were better.

Well done,


lambton said...

Hey Joe. OMG... I also hope you are wrong. Earlier in the season I caught a slender hen that resembled a spring drop back. I was alarmed having read a theory about these fish starving on one of the forums. I have really been watching the few fish we have turned and they seem to be fairly healthy. If they are struggling I would think the process is in it's early stages. Have you noticed many slender fish or heard any reports? Geesh I hope this isn't true.

Joe said...

Unfortunately, I think the overall 'food web' is collapsing in Lake Huron, chiefly due to the proliferation of Zebra and Quagga mussels. Even though Rainbow Trout are diverse and opportunistic feeders, if there is an absence of microbiological life, the greater food chain will undoubtedly suffer.

During the Fall of 2007, I landed and released a few Male Steelhead that seemed thinner than usual, and most fish have looked that way this year as well. The area from the vent to the tail seems especially wasted, almost the way Chinook appeared a few years ago. We need more Phosphates in that Lake, farmers should refrain from emptying manure into the rivers, instead, they should pipe it directly into the Lake.

Thank you for providing an intelligent forum where these issues can be discussed, it is a far cry from places like GBO, where lousy photos and comic book utterances are standard.

lambton said...

I have been thinking alot about the starvation theory and the "slender Chinook" analogy. I guess I have noticed some signs to support the theory. What I have noticed has not been that pronounced but very moderate. Thus my comment about it being in it's early stages. We have seen a fair amount of healthy fish but I guess it's all relative. Going back in my photo archieves from 2006/2007 the majority of fish in the 5+lb class were very thick "in the flank" if you will. If you compare the same class of fish this year they do indeed seem to be slender from the mid section to the tail. Not all of them but there are a few. I am not convinced that it is time to panic but it does warrant our attention and concern. Feedback I have received from others does not support a need for concern but initially I was oblivious to it aswell. Time will indeed tell the tale. Let's hope this is a small bump in the road and will provide stronger, more resistive, and adaptive genetics. Let's face it...These fish are very resilient and can handle quite a bit. To think it has been 132 years since their first introduction on the Ausable...It would be both tragic and devastating if the Huron/Gbay steelhead fishery were to meet it's demise.

Thanks for the comments on the blog. I'm glad you enjoy it. I share your sentiments re: the .com forums. It seems they have run their course. I am guilty of lurking but seldom find value in the time spent. My intentions for this blog are to share my passion and experiences with any and all who care to visit. It also provides me an avenue to document my travels. I find enjoyment going back in the archieves and comparing notes and reliving the past.
I truly hope you bring your blog back. It was first class and set the standard. I enjoyed visiting it. I know first hand it can be a lot of work but it is worth it. I wish others would get on board and offer their experiences aswell. It would be great to have an avenue to share discussion and get a "fix" when needed.

Trotsky said...

I masterbate furiously to this BLOG.....see me rollin