Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away...

Rain can be both a blessing and a curse to an avid Steelheader. We are a funny lot and are seldom 100% satisfied with the conditions we get dealt. Often we pray for rain and when we get to much we curse it to hell. Right now the waters I fish are raging high and muddy. As I sit here in the warmth of my home the river is carving out larger bends and trees are falling victim to it's wrath. When we do return to our little river I expect to see many changes. Some for the better and some for the worse. Nature will run it course and this cycle will repeat itself time and time again. I can only image the challenge the fish must endure to survive such extreme situations.


Joe said...

Maybe the high water will make the river more like it was last year, one can only hope.

It is high enough now that I would guess Barns and cattle will be washed downstream.

I resurrected the blog, but it is not yet updated or online. I will have to get out and catch fish to get it running again =)

lambton said...

LOL!!! Yes indeed. I suspect there will be mobile homes aswell!
I am curious what we will find when we go back. The Sausage run lost its lumber this year and the bank has been taking quite a beating with moderate flow increases. Who knows what changes have occured.
Glad you resurected the blog. Looking forward to your next entry.
The three of us should make a point of getting out for a day soon!