Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The river was perfect...

With the threat of a major meltdown on our hands and an incredible need to drift some decent water after Sunday's slush fest we planned on a Tuesday escape up the lake. Some time the night prior life interjected and threw the proverbial monkey wrench into our plans. Norland was out as the kids were sick. At around 11:30 pm I had just nicely drifted off to sleep when the phone rang. I was certain it was work trying to hurtle that monkey wrench but it proved the contrary...Norland! No worries I told him and drifted back to sleep relieved that I didn't have to go save the day at "Plastic World".
The following morning the alarm came way too early as it often does but without obligation to meet Gene I seriously contemplated staying in bed. Instead I thought I owed it to myself to look for a legitimate out as not to feel guilty for staying home. Down to the computer I went to check the Hydro site, Exeter radar station, and the Ontario road reports. Surprisingly, all reports were somewhat favourable and there really was no substantial evidence that would allow me to live with myself for missing the opportunity. However, not having to meet Norland at 5:30 I decided to slip back into my warm bed and re-set the alarm for a little later start time. Today I felt no urgency to get to the river. It would still be there when I arrived and odds were that there would be little pressure. My heart wasn't 100% into it but still I felt the need to go and give it a shot. In all honestly it was a crap shoot. The water site once again wasn't updated and I had no proof as to the severity of the rain and thaw but my heart said go check it out. Some times these are the days that prove to me most memorable and sometimes they are just long car rides.
It was nice driving up in the daylight for a change and the hike back to the river was nice having the ability to actually see. It really is a nice place. I opted to take the path less traveled and was afforded a panoramic view of the beaver pond under a blanket of white.
The river was perfect and void of slush. The water had finally subsided a bit and taken on the familiarity of previous years. Aside from myself there was nobody in the Shire this morning. It had the makings of a stellar outing except the fish didn't get the memo. I fished prime water hard and I hiked what seemed like miles through wet snow to find a willing player. It was not until I doubled back and stopped once again at Sausage that I found redemption. Some days you can't do anything wrong and some days you can't buy a fish. Today I earned that encounter and was proud to claim the first Chromer on the new Adcock Stanton reel.


Trotsky said...

Well played my man...well played!!
Those Norland link-outs are top shelf...top shelf indeed..lol
I don't know where you find that shit but man..
Sorry about the bailout yesterday.
Stings bad considering the weather outlook...this could be it.
This season has gotten on my nerves on so many levels I will be kind of glad when it is done.
Congrats on the fishy and the reel thing..that is quite and achievement...especially consider you are a POS.
Where are when now bitch?

lambton said...

LOL!!! I forgotten I had saved that one link for a rainy day. ;0)
I was kinda down last night in regards to the entire remainder of the season but have since put it back into perspective.
Sauble it is if for nothing more than the sore ribs caused by chronic laughter.

BTW...burn all your belongings and give those kids Vitamin C injections. We need to fish ;0)

Trotsky said...

Kids...friggin kids...
I hate my semen

Joe said...

The last photo is great.

All you need is one, it is an indicator that they are there, and you are doing something right. I forget who said that....