Friday, January 09, 2009

The True Measure of a Man's Wealth...

What is the true measure of a Man's wealth?

How much Roe he has!!!!!!!

I'm rich Bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A special thanks to Jeff "the man" Stuhan for the Roe hook up. This stuff is the shiznit.


Trotsky said...

Is there no limit to your weirdness!!!
I have this horrible image of you japing all over those eggs trying to trying desperately to create a Morin/salmonid Hybrid..
Oncorhynchus Dipshytis ...
I am sad for you..

Actually that roe looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!

lambton said... limits ;0)

Yes indeed this roe is the shiznit. I have enough to negate any worries for a year or three. Whooo Haaaa Haaaa Haaaaaaaa!

Harv said...

Dude that is awesome!! I am scary close to having no roe. In fact it may just be an "artificial" spring for me if I can't get my hands on some orange gold soon.

you might be the luckiest SOB I know!! good on ya!


lambton said...

I know...I have been fretting about roe all season. And I had refused to bonk any Huron Fish for the cause. Really wasn't sure what I was gonna do either.
We really need to be conscious of the Chinny season next fall over in MI! The rewards from one trip would fuel an entire season and beyond.

18 Mile said...

I need to take a cold shower after looking at that plate.Now that is real caviar.