Monday, April 13, 2009

Harv's Sawdust Buck

Late in the second morning Harv hooks into a stellar buck that put the boots to the new IM8. Norland managed to tail it only to have fate intervene and lose his grip before the gravy shots could be taken. Luckily I managed to capture this video. was a nice fish.

Harv's Sawdust Buck from Brian M on Vimeo.


Harv said...

great video Brian!!

I certainly did get beat up a few times on that trip. That fish looked even larger than I remembered.

lambton said...

It's the fish dude...those genetics are top notch.

That was indeed a nice buck.

Trotsky said...

Harv is a POS..
My favourite part of the trip was when he got bit in the ass by a Michigan Cricket!!!!
Serves him right for spending a thousand bucks on waders!!!!
Homos....the lot a ya

lambton said...

Friggin Crickets. Good thing you sucked the poision out of his ass or he'd of gotten real sick. You are a better man than I Norland.