Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I went to the Liquor Store tonight to pick up some fag beers for the weekend. To my dismay there was a huge sign on the door stating "no Debit or Credit...Machines down"
No worries I thought...we have cash. We continue on into a store that looked like it had a going out of business sale the day before and we were a day late. OMG... the place was smashed. Looted would be a better description. LOL!!
I guess the threat of a strike forced people to face the reality that the elixir that actually makes them marginally tolerable to society may not be available. The possibility that they may have to face life sober scared the sh*t out of them so much so that they spent $$$ in droves. The rye section was 98% empty. Seriously...that is a big mf'ing wall and it was barren. Funny sh*t! If we could some how trick people to vote or give blood in the same fashion our nation would be a better place.
I know...If you vote you get a free mickey or if you give a pint you get a pint.

Canadians...we truly are a funny sort. You can tax us to death, F*ck up our health care system, give away our country to foreign interest but if you threaten our booze or smokes then look the F*ck out because we will unite!
We are doomed... :0(

P.S. I am convinced the "no Debit or Credit...Machines down" scenario was fabricated in order to save some inventory. Doomed I say...


Trotsky said...

You are an alcoholic....and a POS

lambton said...

I concur...