Friday, January 15, 2010

Shaking the January Blues

Traditionally January weighs heavy on me. Faced to come to terms with our seasons demise and forced to deal with winters cold reality my spirits typically tumble to a yearly low.

Others find distraction in winter activities such as skiing or ice fishing but I can't seem to muster up the interest. Last winter was different. We took a chance and committed to hiring a guide on the Muskegon River for a winter steelheading escape.

It was so much fun that we decided to make it an annual tradition. Today Norland and I embarked on our second trip in as many years and returned to the Mighty Mo for another round of Jet Boat Winter Steelheading with Jeff Stuhan.

The 14-day weather model was predicting unseasonably high temps. We took advantage of the bump and booked a day on the river with Jeff. We met up at his place early and made the short trek to the launch.

It was hovering above 0 C and the ramp sure looked icy but that was not going to stop our host from backing the Jet Sled into the river. However, it was going to stop him from pulling the Jeep and empty trailer out until the chains went on the tires.

Before we knew it we were working our way up to the first run. From what I had researched the MO had been fishing rather slow this winter so I wasn't really sure what that would equate to for our method of fishing.

After the first hour of the morning we were all pleasantly surprised with our results. I won't bore everyone with the play by play but essentially we put a few fish in the boat. Norland found his MI groove today and coaxed a number of pretty ladies to the net.

It was nice to see him gain his confidence on that system. I was also nice to witness him come out of the closet and verbally pronounce his love for the Michigan fishery. I knew he was there but like the Pink Worms and Jigs I had to beat him into submission.

Damn he is a stubborn POS. As can be expected we shared lots of laughs at each of our expense. We saw a great deal of wild life in the form of turkey's, a pair of swans, and a very close encounter with a Bald Eagle.

It was another stellar day on the Muskegon for us and a great way to shake the January Blues.


Harv said...

Well done HOMOS! Good on ya for getting out and making the best of the milder temps.

Tell me you are NOT talking on the phone in that pic of you fighting a fish..... 'cause if you are then you are GAY and I may NEVER fish with you again!!!

That looks like a lot of fun - might have to try that out myself one of these days.

lambton said...

No I wasnt' on the phone. I guess it does look like that. LOL!!!
I'm not that talented.
You do need to do this trip Harv!
Just get it done...very easy and You will have a tonne of fun.
Norland was on fire out there. It was awesome!

Harv said...

I know you are not that talented!! LOL

Norland was on fire - they prescribe penicillin for that burn!

Yes, I would like to experience the jet boat trip one of these days.

Trotsky said...

That first picture is funny...
Jeff holding the Net over his shoulder..thinking.." is this fucking canuck ever going to turn this fish with this sissy tackle???!!!"...
That guy is a hoot and he should've punched that Jackass at the boat ramp in the throat.
He is a better man hat I....I might have lost it.
No he wasn't on the phone he was plugging his ear from the constant abuse!!!!
There was some great smack talk out there!
Great trip and yes I am a full fledged Muskegon homo....I just wish they would move the river a little closer.
My car now smells of pastrami subs, fish slime, roe,caramel coffee, jalepeno chips, venison pepperettes, psuedo-dillpickles and ASS!!!!!!!
I just set on fire rather than clean it!
Everyone should give Jeff a call that was awesome!

Trotsky said...

did you photoshop that hen that Jeff is holding?
I honestly don't remember is being that large or beautiful?
Was I even there?

lambton said...

For the record your call smelled like Ass prior to the trip. LOL!

Dude, no photoshopping here. That hen may just very well be one of the prettiest Hen's I have ever encountered. I definately has a place on your top ten list. Maybe it will bump the retarded outflow fish off the list. LOL!
It was long and large.
Remember...Stuhan is a professional fish holder! ;0)


GT said...

Cool recap Brian. Looks like you guys got into quite a few fish. Right on. Perfect for January blues.