Friday, February 26, 2010

We fished here...why?

I'm really looking forward to the spring fishery. This latest round of winter has me longing for the rivers even more. Found this little video on you tube while watching the Canada/Slovak game that brought back a memory. One February weekend I convinved Norland that it would be a good idea to make a trip to Grand Rapids to hook up with Keith Snary so I could pick up a Mykiss and fish the day with him in his boat on the Muskegon. Well as fate had it the weather was insane and we could have pushed the car faster to Grand Rapids. This combined with other factors had our host hesitant to make the drive up to Newaygo. We ended up fishing the Grand River out of his jet powered Jon Boat. At the time the novelty of it all fueled some excitement but looking back on it and viewing this video it really wasn't our scene. I don't like Urban Steelheading... Something about muddy water, concrete and non stop police sirens that takes the romance out of it all.

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