Thursday, March 18, 2010

Norland's big day...

Well today is the day. Today Norland's gender reassignment surgery is being performed. He can say what he wants but I don't believe for one minute he is just getting a vasectomy done. No way...not with friggin lazers! I'm certain he will leave his junk on that cold steel table and forever sport an inverted peni or worse.

And why not? If it makes him happy who am I to judge?

At least the VAG will explain his girl casting technique.

Just kidding brother! Hope the "lazer" works out for ya and we can get out for a few drifts on that certain MI jewel we had discussed later next week.

Now back to making plastic...


Bill said...

Definately too much info!
In spite of that, my legs are firmly crossed in the hope that the outcome is favourable.
In the event that it is not the case, I offer my sympathy, and my desire that a prosthetic can be developed in the next 20 years,....ish!

lambton said...

If it goes south I suspect Norland won't mind that much. Especially if it means he can no longer procreate. It's a win win for all of us. Trust me!
As for prosthetics...Norland has plenty of those already. Usually rammed in places only the most perverse could imagine.

(I love kicking that POS when he is down! :0. )

Trotsky said...

My bag is like a pin cushion...sometimes life is weird.
It was like trying to shave a walnut shell
The tap is off...hopefully....the strangest part was when the doctor put it in his mouth?
But not unpleasant...
I should be good to roll on the
26th...out of the Black and into the White!!!!!
I am dreaming of the Mitchell run...
BTW...those little blue pills they give you are the bomb!

GT said... a NY accent " you got a raw sac " Good to hear nothing went wrong.