Sunday, April 18, 2010


I turn 40 this Tuesday and that sucks. But hey, that's life and we can't turn back the clock. In celebration of this milestone my wife did a wonderful thing. With the assistance of Norland and Arn she planned a weekend retreat over in one of my favourite places...The West Side of MI. The trip included 1st class accommodations and a guided trip on the Muskegon with Jeff Stuhan. Then entire event had unfolded without my knowledge and came as a complete and utter surprise. The fun and games started at the US customs when she stone faced told the border guard we were heading to Kalamazoo, MI. For the next 4 hrs she had me 100% dazed and confused as to where we would end up.
Life is a funny thing. I guess I'm getting wise in my old years but I am finally coming to the realization that we all too often measure our successes through accomplishments and material things when its really about the people, places, and experiences that grace our existence. To my wife of nearly 15 years I say "thank-you and I love you!" To the two sh*t rats Norland and Arn who helped her pull it all off I tip my gay fishing visor! ;0) For both being useless POS you guys are alright!

I was tempted to bore you all with the play by play but opted for a pictorial story of the trip. I'll save the play by play for the next road trip...


Trotsky said...

Lying to customs...
You are going to hell for that one for sure.
40th B-day on the gaza strip.


dave.wallace said...

You are only 40? Cripes, I thought you were 60!

What a great gift from your wife!!! Hopefully you'll do something equally as special for her.

BTW is that your ball gag on the gunnel of the boat in the second pic???

lambton said...

Nice! Let the comments fly ;0)

Dave, Yes I'm only "going to be" 40 but if it makes you feel better I actually feel like I'm 60 some mornings. LOL!!!

Funny you should mention that I do something as equally nice for her. The Canadian Customs officer also suggested that upon our return to CAnada and hearing our subsequent explanation of the trip abroad. I smiled and told him he was right! I should take her fishing for her 40th ;0)

As for your third comment...That was Zed's. Zed don't need it any more...Zed's dead baby!

Bill said...

You ARE a lucky man!
For only being forty!
For having a wife that loves you IN SPITE of your addiction...
As for making jokes about feeling 60?
I'm well past that, and still able to put a bend in the floatrod.
(thank goodness!)