Monday, January 03, 2011

Hard Water

I had today off. New Year's fell on a Sunday which was a blessing as I ended up with Monday off. We pondered what to do and decided to take advantage of the day and drive over the bridge to Port Huron and go register the new snowmobiles with the Secretary of State. It was a necessary evil that had to be done.
We were soon to learn that the holiday season had left many in the same boat and the lineup was huge. It's a funny thing people watching at the Secretary of State office. There is a very wide representation of the State of Michigan's demographic at the SOS. We were blessed to witness a fair percentage of obesity, have a horrific butt crack episode, see Cheech or Chong's cousin and so on.
Finally they called out our number and we were on our way. After taking care of that business we stopped in the Dick's Sporting goods chain store. I picked up some Berkley Gulp 2" minnows and an Ice Fishing hole scoop as I figured we'd need it sooner or later. That's when I got the text. It was Arn and he was back home from a similar trip to Port Huron. He picked up a couple of ice fishing rods and some waxies from Gander Mountain. He was inquiring as to when we would be home and if I wanted to hit the ice behind the house.

Soon we found ourselves out back like kids after school punching holes in the ice with the overly dull Ice Auger. I think Norland was shaving his back or nutts with it last year.
The blades are exhaustingly dull. First we tried the Gulp minnows and then the waxies to no avail. I finally broke down and put the pink worm back on and wham-o...three fish in 5 mins. LOL! This is what it has come to. Excitement on the ice! I am so sad for myself...


Trotsky said...

Wouldn't call your old buddy eh?
Both you guys suck nuts.

Harv said...

First you take up fly fishing and now you are a ice fisherman????

I went out for some hardwater action today too out on MItchells Bay. We got a few perch and a ton of humounguous largemouth bass!!

That marks my third fishing trip without an entry - I think perhaps my passion for the Blog scene has waned. I do believe Piscatorial Pursuits has run its course ( at least in its current MO of recounting each outing - I may still chime in if/when I have something of value to say - which could possibly be never LOL )

later dude


lambton said...

Last minute decision. Besides...weren't you at the border busting cheese smugglers?
When are we heading over to fish with Stuhan?

lambton said...

Bass through the ice. Weird isn't it? As for the blog. You just need to throw up some pics and a few sentences. Keep it simple and to the point. Also need to throw shit at Norland and I. Total recipe for success.