Friday, February 11, 2011

The Obsession Intensifies

Anyone that knows me can tell you I have a minor case of OCD.  My obsessive compulsion is steelheading.  It is what fuels my spirit.  It makes me feel young and it sets me straight when life knocks me off kilter.  With the recent property acquisition in the heart of Michigan's fabled trout and steelheading waters I have been frantically searching for a means of reaching the inaccessible waters.  I was certain I wanted a Jet Sled but couldn't justify the price for the boat that I wanted.  At the same time the Hyde Low Profile drift boat intrigued me and brought a flexibility and value that no Jet Sled could parallel.  An opportunity came by earlier this week and after careful deliberation and negotiation I struck a deal with a gentleman who's leisure time focus had changed.
I have yet to pick her up but hope to in the coming weeks.  I must admit...I am rather excited about getting out on the water in her with some friends.


Harv said...

Congrats dude!!!

You will be able to cover lots of stellar water now.

You are a POS homo but I envy the hell out of you.

Spring can't come soon enough for me - I am sick of this winter shit.


PS great new look to blog

lambton said...

Hey Harv,
Good to hear from ya. You are gonna have to spare up some time and get over to the cabin with me this fall. I still remember a few spings back when we timed it perfect. I can't wait to repeat that day.


Trotsky said...

Oh for shits sake...LOL
The SS shitrat!!!

Steeliemax said...

She will be the best boat you will ever fish from. Still like mine lol you know I am having a hard time letter her go.

Gil said...

Nice acquisition Brian.!!!When do you start guiding? ;)