Saturday, March 05, 2011

All work and no play

Finally managed to meet up and finalize the Hyde boat purchase.  Naturally the day I managed to arrange the pickup was under a Weather Advisory.  Freezing rain, torrential downpours and subsequent snow seemed to be my nemesis.  However,  I'm a steelheader...and in comparison to some of the sh*t we have driven thru to fish it was a cake walk.   After what seemed like a full day of driving Cody Buddy and I made it to the cabin, cracked a couple of cold ones and hit the hay.  We woke up to aspirations of hitting the river but mother nature once again had other plans for us.  Now where is that friggin shovel...

1 comment:

Trotsky said...

Nice boat but I am not sure the tercel can pull it!!!!
BTW..your dog is gay