Saturday, March 12, 2011


There seems to be a fair amount of juvenile fish in the upper waters right now.  Determination, Confidence and the ability to read water is key along with that gift of "just knowing".

 Early spring weather is very unpredictable and this morning proved no different with snow, rain, and wind.  Quality gear protected me from the elements but every fish reminded me just how cold the water really is this time of the year.
 The river is starting to show an increase in traffic and I suspect cabin fever has set in full force with the Steelheaders of the central Great Lakes Basin.
There is a fair amount of snow base in the region and think the main push is a week or two away.  Next weeks temps will tell the story.  One thing for certain...when it pops it will be ridiculous.
I discovered some new water in an old location today and It got me excited.  Going to scout out some more tomorrow in preparation for the first push. 
The river is running clear but holding a fair to decent level.  Another 6-8" would be perfect but that will come with the thaw and rains.
Stay tuned kids...


Harv said...

dude, I am so jealous!!! It has been so long since I have even contemplated running a drift.

calling for some pretty mild temps later this week - here is hoping the Saugeen comes into shape.....

good work Brian


Trotsky said...