Sunday, April 03, 2011

April Snow Storms

This mornings outing was to be short and sweet.  I had plans of fishing the Tunk hole for a few hours and then bugging out of the valley to pack up and make the drive home at a decent hour.  On the way to the Tunk hole I stopped at some familiar water that had looked neglected this morning.  The first drift through produced a 3/4 lb brown.  The  water looked mint and I just knew there had to be a decent fish in this deep hole.  The third drift through and my thoughts were realized with a nice 5 lb chrome hen.
Not wanting to get side tracked from my original game plan I released the pretty girl after a few pics and hiked back through the bush to my destination.  Often one location that fishes well one day can leave one scratching their head the next.  This is typical with fish on the move and today I found myself scratching my head.  To be quite honest I really wasn't all that surprised as this year has been nothing resembling consistent.  Before overstaying my welcome  I took the opportunity to hike a trail from Tunk down towards Sawdust.  I was curious to see if we had been busting our asses through the Brier patch from Hell for no other reason than being uneducated tourists.  This indeed proved to be the case as I effortlessly followed the manicured pressure treated wooden board walk down to the tail out of Sawdust.  Once again the Irony of it all surfaced and I had to laugh at myself.  The plan was to fish my way back to the truck and then hike out and make plans to head home.  Suicide owed me a fish.
This was fact and I was determined to pick something out of one of the emerald green pockets.  I pounded every piece of fishy looking water until it happened.  The float dropped and I set up on a 2 lb chrome missile that thought he was 10lbs.  It was nice to finally put something together down there.  Shortly after the release it started to snow.  I was a nice spring snow shower that was actually welcomed initially.  I continued my way out of Suicide and through the Brier patch to my next location.   After settling in a tremendous thunder boom rolled through the valley and the snow flakes increased from pea sized to Toonie sized gobs of wet powder.
The entire scene was surreal as I cast my float out into the wall of white.  The contrast between the deep fluorescent orange and the stark whiteness was impressive.  Snow was accumulating on my shoulders and hat brim in short order.  The Rainshadow was even getting a decent accumulation.  Random flashes of lightening began to surface and the thunder was almost immediate to follow.  A thunder snow storm...  By now I had overstayed my welcome so I carried on up and out of the river valley.  The accumulation on the roads wasn't more than a couple of inches but it was heavy, wet and very slippery.  I knew my ride home would be interesting.  As it turned out i had no idea just how interesting it would prove to be.  Some parts of the state had seen twice as much snow and the lack of snow plows  on the roads found many motorists in the ditch.  From Wellston to Sarnia I must have witnessed 30 or so places where someone was or had been in the ditch. At one point I had to make a 911 call for someone that was way down deep in a giant ditch  and almost out of site west of Midland.
 April snow storms.  I love to fish in them but could definitely do without the road time.


Greg Lum said...

Glad to see somebody regularly catching fish. It's been a dismal season here in Ohio. I can't wait for it end..........

lambton said...

Yeah I have gathered that from your blog as well as the 18-mile blog.
What the heck is happening over there?
From reading your blog you have some vacation coming up. If I were you I'd plan on spending in in MI. The main run should hit the river this week with these forecast temps. Wed-Fri would be a good guess. Even if it don't happen then there are enough fish around to keep you occupied. A road trip is always a blast anyways and the scenery would be a refreshing change.
Anyways...take it easy brother and I hope you managed to find some on your holidays.

Greg Lum said...

Vacation week started with blown rivers from Monday's storms. Figures, but it will be interesting to see how many fish come up. Hopefully I'll be able to fish tomorrow out east. Looking forward to next season.

As for reason why little fish? No rain in the fall, cold winter that locked up the rivers until March and a cold spring. The only place that seem to produce was the ghetto power plant and you need to pack heat - not the hand warmers ;)

lambton said...

"packin heat"
Oh my god! No thanks. I thought NY was sketchy...
You need to take a drive dude. and strech your legs on the Big Manistee. It's only $4/gallon. :0(
Still a bargain for what you will get out of it. It will do you some good to chase some smart fish. ;0)


Craig Ritchie said...

Around here "packing heat" generally means you cinch up the belt then fart in your waders.

Trotsky said...

I an uncomfortable with any thread from this BLOGS author that has anything to do with packing....
Imagine my restraint.
Turd knockers the lot o'ya.
Looking for to fishing the GAZA strip this weekend...
Should be very relaxing...similar to pushing treble hooks in your eye.
Here is hoping for one stupid Michigan fish.