Thursday, April 28, 2011

Openers of past...

Opening day is deeply rooted in tradition.  Like many I used to count the days and long for the opportunity to fish the now open stretches of Ontario's steelheading waters.
In recent years we have abandoned this tradition but for some reason the stars aligned in 2009 and Norland and I made the pilgrimage. I'm certainly gland we did as I would have never gotten this classic video of my good friend proving that confidence, perseverance and determination are the best arsenal in any steelheaders kit.

Enjoy...I could watch this video over and over again as it truly depicts just how special this sport is to those that really "get it".

Norland 2009 Opener from Brian M on Vimeo.


Harv said...

Another prime example of why you two shitstains need your own network fishing show.

Ernie calling the fish while Bert is videotaping - hmmmm I think I have seen a similar video somewhere else.

BTW Ernie, that long, laquered rear grip has "HOMO" written all over it!!! I notice you like to tuck it under your arm like a purse. It was a pretty big fish and you likely needed the leverage but c'mon now.......

Trotsky said...

That was a nice morning.
Too bad it was a little guppy that was nibbling away though.
Derby starts tomorrow...ugh.

Trotsky said...

Holy fuck is on now Harv!!!!
Geesh....fucking Philistines the lottaya...
BTw...fresh salmon for supper tonight.
Decent fish being caught up along the US side