Monday, May 09, 2011

Fond Memories

For as long as I can remember fishing has played an integral part in my life.. I have fond memories of fishing with my father and uncles in the Lower Lake Huron watershed. It was not until we relocated to Bruce County for employment that I was introduced to Anadromous species and caught my first steelhead. These were different times and the phrase catch and release wasn’t even coined yet. Aside from that the fishery was healthy as well as the lake. There were no Zebra Mussels or Gobies and the lake actually was a foot or two higher. My childhood memories of living in Inverhuron don’t include PS3, Xbox or the Internet. They are filled with images of running the sandy banks of the Little Ausable looking for Rainbows or getting startled by the thumping of grouse in the cedar bush. Simpler times and I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything.

I don’t have a lot of fishing pics from my youth but my father did manage to drum up a few that survived his basement flooding a few years back. Here are two that I can share.  I was in the second grade when we moved up there.  I would have been 7  which makes it  spring of 1977.  These images pictorially represent the beginning of it all for me.  It was these early days spent on the Little Ausable with my dad that defined who I have become today.
The first pictures is with my father sporting a smoke, giant glasses, and a rather exhausted demeanor and the second is with my late Uncle Gerald. Notice the old Ford and the stubby on the bumper.
I come by it honestly… :0)


Trotsky said...

Christ you were an ugly kid.
Cool truck!

Trotsky said...

BTW...Owen did win the Kids category in the salmon derby!!!
He is thrilled.

Craig Ritchie said...

Love it, man, especially the stubby on the bumper. Times have changed, and when I'm reminded of scenes like that, I think maybe not entirely for the better.