Sunday, November 06, 2011

Lake Run Goodness

Floated the Big River this morning with Red.  The morning had the makings of a stellar fall day.  The fishing proved to be tough but Red pulled a rabbit out of a hat with some "Lake Run" goodness.

I've been waiting a while to come face to face with one of these brutes.  Although this wasn't the behemoth the system is known for it certainly was a damn fine specimen.

Certainly one of the most handsome finned creatures I've come across in some time.  But then to Red an Orangutan would look dead sexy.
Congrats on the Fish Red.


Trotsky said...

That brown is sweet....needs a hot karl though

Steeliemax said...

But that sexy women police officer thought this Orangutan was sexy enough to let off on a expensive speeding ticket.

JB Ricks said...

You've gotta love those fall browns!

Trotsky said...

I am sad for both of you shitstains