Saturday, November 19, 2011

Solo on the Lower End

 With the Rifle Deer Hunt well underway I was anxious to hit the lower river and witness the shift from water to wood.  True to the stories I have been told the lower access point was virtually abandoned.  With boyish anticipation I offloaded the Hyde and started my float down river.

 It was a classic late November day with moderate winds, overcast skies and a cold front on the fringe.  To this point we have experienced moderate success on this section of the river.

 Each float the river reveals more of her secrets.  She tends to lead one on wild goose chases.  She demands your full attention and is adament that you pay your dues. Today's float was a small victory in that regard.  I have been logging mental notes each and every trip.  Some from my successes and some from other boats. Nevertheless... while on the river I have been doing my homework.

  This is not your typical steelhead water.  There are countless miles of river to cover and just as many log pileups.  It has to be broken down into sections and covered thoroughly.  Not every log pile stacks fish and not every perceived lie provides reward.

 It is imperative to do whatever it takes to shorten the curve and time on the water is the best remedy.  Today was to provide some validation and reward for the hours logged and the homework done.  It was nice to fish this water with some form of confidence and achieve validation.

Fighting fish from a boat with the float gear is far removed from wade fishing. A net is manditory and putting a hot Lake Michigan Steelhead  into the net solo with the 13' rod is no small feat. Today was another rung higher on the ladder.  It was nice to be able to properly position the Hyde, make the proper drift, and set up on a willing player.

Another small victory experienced  along the journey.  The adventure continues...


Steeliemax said...

dam i am jelous nice float man and your net guy is a homo

Harv said...

Good work dude!!!

Trotsky said...

Now you can guide me!!!
Very beautiful fish...I can't wait to give it a shot.
Take care brother.

GT said...

Strong work Brian. Life is good..... you are relaxed enough to fight a fish and take an action shot at the same time. ;)