Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Best Gift Ever...

I gave myself an early Christmas Gift today...With aggressive holiday plans and the ever looming end to the Ontario season I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and treat myself to some much needed solitude...A solo trip to the river is always healing and filled with gifts inside of the gift if one opens their eyes and looks beyond the obvious. 

The bite of winter was in the air and frozen guides were evidence that the lockup is around the corner.  The old girl was in her glory and marginally proud of her banks.  She was dressed in Emerald green with shore ice accents. 
 The fish were in their winter holding patterns and willing to participate. The silence and sense of isolation afforded by a lonely river in December is unparallelled.

 The opportunity to fish a river alone in this day and age is priceless. The ends do justify the means and my now tired and weary body has no regrets.

 Our little river is a special place and today I said good by to her for the remainder of this season. It was nice to share an intimate outing with her and bid my fond farewells.

May you all have a safe and wonderful holiday season.  Merry Christmas, tight lines, and best wishes.


Trotsky said...

Nice Jigs...Merry Christmas shitstain

GT said...

Nice Brian. I had serious thoughts of going up today as well however, a little Christmas inventory check derailed that plan. Thanks for the recap.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

lambton said...

Nice Jigs indeed! I bounced around from your Jigs, to my yarns, to Roe all day. Caught fish on everything. Weird thing was nothing at all from the Swamp water? Nadda...I started and finished there with el blanco! Didn't dwell there as the Stick was calling my name and for good reason. If I had to choose only one place to fish on that river it would be the stick. I love that run. Merry Christmas Norland.

Too bad you couldn't swing it today. I was a classic winter day with little to no pressure...well where I was. My first option found three vehicles parked at the access so I reverted to plan B and had the place to myself. I'm sure you will slip another one in prior to the 31st. Happy Holidays my friend!

Harv said...

Good stuff there Brian! Glad you got you home water fix.

Merry Christmas!!!

JBR said...

Good to see your jigs are getting some more use! haha.

That black and red must be deadly. I'm seeing it stuck in the maw of many a chromer...

Steeliemax said...

Those days are few and far between when u get the river to yourself. When you have a busy year at work like the one we just had, a day like that on the river is the best medicine a man could ever have.

Merry Christmas all