Sunday, December 18, 2011

Late Afternoon Session

With a green light from both work and our wives Arn and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity for some pre-Christmas Steelheading and drove over to the West Side.
The weather this year has been kind to us steelheaders and today we arrived  at the cabin, unpacked, geared up and slid down to a river under +1 C temps and little to no wind.  With only a few hours prior to sunset we decided to wade the river below the coffer. 

Jigs and spawn proved to be the ticket accompanied with equal amounts of  confidence and determination.  The fish this year are large as are the resident rainbows and browns. 

We put in three hours and turned 3 steelhead and a multitude of browns and rainbows.  It took me a little bit to dial in on the jig colour of the day but once I landed on Olive it all came together rather quickly.

The highlights were my 8-9lb mint hen and Arn's big resi brown  Nice to get the lines wet before the main session tomorrow.

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