Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Deer

Pulled the game camera tonight and was pleased to see we had alot of visitors since our last trip over.  Finally got some much welcomed snow here in Western MI.  Things should get interesting on the river.


JBR said...

You just gotta love how their winter coats make them look so damn chubby.

Where are the horns though?!

Trotsky said...

You are a POS...
I found a solution to my BLOG problem but not my fucked up life...LOL

lambton said...

I am indeed a POS.
Every problem has a solution...buck up mister!!! Perhaps yours lies at the end of a shiny barrel or taunt rope.
When r we fishin?
Any Bowmore left or did you destroy that bottle already?

Trotsky said...

I just took a shot right is 5:45't sleep..fucking head cold and Midnight shifts...I am all messed up