Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cold A$$ MO

Fished the Muskegon today with our guide friend Jeff Stuhan.  Always a pleasure to hook up with Jeff and share a float.  Fish are a bonus to the camaraderie and laughs.  Today had the makings of a stellar day with the exception of one thing... willing participants.  Norland and I were all in but the finned critters had lock jaw.  After each section we fished we would run the boat over it looking to see if any fish scattered.  As fate would have it quite a few runs did indeed hold fish.  We threw everything at them hard but still came up on the short side of the stick. 

Finally on a super long throw my float dropped and I set up to a very strong and healthy Muskegon hen.  Based on the days ongoings it was a brilliant miracle that she made the net.  Nonetheless the outing was still a success.  We spent quality time on a magnificent flow in the middle of February with a great Guide.  We shared a tonne of laughs and stories.  We didnt turn a tonne of fish but we didn't get blanked!  :O) 

The skies were a crisp blue and at times the sun actually warmed our weary weathered faces... another gift from the West Side.


Angry bowler said...

Need to try a little chocolate liquer with that zambooka, chocolate licorice, mmmmm good. Angry Bowler

Trotsky said...

I love being drunk.