Sunday, March 18, 2012

Winter Wood

I had all intentions of running a few drifts this weekend but the ridiculous temps, giant crowds, and excessively off coloured river (mud) pretty much altered my plans. I did manage to last all of 1/2 an hour on the river prior to realizing my elevating blood pressure. I can't be around that madness...especially in conditions resembling the Mississippi. I wasted no time hiking my butt out of there. I'm actually glad it played out the way it did. I managed to get back to the cabin before lunch and get some much needed yard work accomplished. The epic dumping of snow a few weekends prior left a trail of destruction. The clean up went well with the help of my wife and we even got a head start on our winter wood for 2012. There is something holisticly satisfying about cutting and chopping wood. Money in the bank...honest work for honest reward.  It was a nice way to enjoy the unseasonable temps.
There are a lot of fish in the system and if the river would finally start to drop and clear things could get serious. I fear the window will be narrow this spring and we all better capitalize on the opportunity when it arises.   Perhaps next weekend will tell a tale.


Gil said...

Man......... you got wood!

Shoreman said...

I hope you did that with a splitter. That is a lot and I mean A LOT of wood. I heat with a wood stove and I don't have anywhere near that much wood.


lambton said...

Mark that is indeed a lot of wood LOL
I ran across this image on the Internet just couldn't resist
I typically burned 5 to 10 cord at home and I'm looking at five cord for the cottage. I managed to get a couple cut this weekend still have a few more to go. It wouldn't Hurt anyone to spend a little time cutting wood.

Trotsky said...

Did you see the shirtless dude with the ghetto blaster??...that was really inspiring.
Chopping wood is for homos...although the axe is the preferred weapon of choice for my ancestors...
Don't knock it til you try it I suppose.
Everybody is finally healthy here knock your pile of wood...
I think that my next fishing opportunity will be as a deck on the SS shitrat.
Under the bridge is a circus..and that bird has flown for me. Good to see the boys have got good returns though.
Salmon being caught along the beaches in the usual spots. I hope Gerry gets his ass home.