Saturday, October 13, 2012

That's Fishing

As in life, just when you think you have it all figured out, something unexpected happens that leaves you scratching your head.  Why would fishing be any different?

We launched the Hyde on the lower river yesterday morning with grand hopes of finding an early Steelhead to kick the season off.  Young Scott from work came up on this trip with aspirations of catching some fish.  I was eager to put us on some but honestly wasn't prepared for what was about to unfold.  Not more than 5 casts into the first stop of the drift Scott hesitantly proclaimed he had a fish. 

The fight wasn't conducive to a hot steelhead. There were  times we questioned weather or not he was snagged only to be redirected by some stern head shakes.  I was becoming certain it was a stale dying King or Coho when the beast broke the surface near the back of the boat.  I must say I was nervous netting this fish.  Big pike like this don't come along my way often and I didn't want to lose this fish for my now stoked fishing partner. 

Needless to say...We got the job done!!!...Man!!!! I hate netting fish!  LOL!
Fishing...go figure!


JB said...

BONK & Fry!?

Steeliemax said...

no way will never live that down at work. Dam pike almost as big as him.

lambton said...

Same place you got that big buck last November. Critter must've been in there beatin the crap out of the Chinnies.

Damn good eats right there but couldn't do it. LOL!

Trotsky said...

Very go get some ROE!!!!

Gil said...

Wow that is a surprise hook up!! Nice Essox!!!!

Gil said...

Wow, what a surprise hook up. Nice Essox!!!