Friday, January 18, 2013

January Cold

I checked the weekend weather forecast mid week and was pleased to see a mild warming trend for the weekend.  On the heels of  it was what appeared to be a deep freeze cycle moving in.  It wasn't a hard decision to cut from work and make the drive up Thursday evening for a few more days on the big river before the deep freeze sets in. 
Friday morning was alot colder than I had anticipated and as a result I found myself alone on the river.  The fishing was tough but at the 11th hour I managed to pull a rabbit out of a hat with a giant Resident Brown.  Another 20" 3+ lb piggy.  There has been a fair amount of giant Resi's in the river lately and I have lost a few that continue to haunt me so I was very excited to put this one on the bank.  The biting cold squeezed me off the river by noon and forced an impromptu warm up session at the cabin. 
My afternoon option saw me down at Udell looking for a change of pace and some Steelhead vindication.  Within 10 mins I hooked up with a large hot hen that jumped three times before heading for the lumber and breaking me off clean in the wood.  The remainder of the outing was spent retying from the multiple submersed hazards of the locale. 
As I type this the warming trend has arrived.  The forecasted low for the night is in the positive ... the morning looks promising...



Trotsky said...

You have a frosty Vagina

Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

That is one chunky brown.