Saturday, February 02, 2013

Winter Distraction

Well the snow has finally decided to stick around but not without an honest attempt at escape.
Last weeks unprecedented January thaw resulted in half of the snow base finding the water table and rivers.
All of the west side flows are gigantic but the following cold snap has locked up any runoff and the rivers have leveled out and started to drop. 
There might even be a small window of opportunity for a drift or two. 
A nice series of lake effect dumpings have re-blanketed the forest and that  means one thing...Time to hit the trails and take advantage of the fine snowmobiling conditions.
Last weekend saw the girls back on the sleds accompanied by ear to ear grins.
Yesterday saw mom and dad out on the trails for the better part of the day with plans of a night ride later this evening.
Winter in Northern don't get better than this.


Trotsky said...

Wood stove pic is awesome!!!

Gil said...

I like what I am seeing. Winter Wonderland!!!

JB said...

MMM... Hard to top a wood stove! Good stuff my man.