Thursday, March 21, 2013

OOD 2013 Fishing Annual

I have been really fortunate as of late to have the opportunity to work with Ontario Out of Doors Magazine.  Each effort seems to be gaining momentum towards my ultimate goal of a cover. I was really pleased when I got the "Bead" assignment and extremely pleased when I seen my efforts in print.
 I still get excited when I see the full page image in this issue.  For anyone interested its on page 61 of the 2013 Fishing Annual.  The assignment was fun and it really forced my hand to run the beads.  Also, Stay tuned for the  April issue on shelves shortly...:0)


Harv said...

Good work dude!! I didn't realize the bead pic was yours at first but as soon as I saw the photo in the April issue I knew it was from you.

Congrats on the publications!!

JB said...

That's awesome. Even if it is featuring beads... LOL.

Anonymous said...

u are still a chode

lambton said...

I am a chode! Whatever that means!

Trotsky said...

"Bead Work"...imagine my just is no sport in it..