Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rapala R-Type Float Series

I’ve been busy behind the scenes lately prepping for the  Yakutat Alaska trip.  There is no shortage of considerations for an adventure like this and I really don’t want to go in unprepared.  One of the items that has really been of concern to me has been my Float Rod selection.  I am fairly confident that my home water Great Lakes  sticks will meet the mark but stories of fish from the salt have me marginally concerned. 
I really didn’t want to invest a great deal of money in rod that might not see as much use upon my return home so  I reached out to some industry contacts for some assistance.  The fine folks at Rapala came to my rescue with their R-type series of float rods.  A while back I had posted a video of Mark Pendlington fighting some Skeena Trib giants while Heli-fishing the remote waters of the Copper River in BC for his new show West Coast Sporting Journal
In this episode Mark was promoting Rapala’s new line of Float fishing products…namely the R-Type series of Float Rods and the R-type series of Float Reels.  The stick  looked very sweet for a high volume production rod and although initially designed for the Great Lakes made short work of the Skeena Chromers with little to no issue.  This got me thinking it would certainly fit the bill and round out my needs nicely.  After a half dozen or so emails back and forth with Rapala I arrived home from the 4 day Norland trip to an awaiting package.  Inside were two R-Type float rods.  The 3 piece 13’ and a 3 piece 15’ offering. 
I have to say my initial impressions exceeded my expectations.  These rods are very well built and as equally appealing to the eye.  They encompass a unique split grip design and have been engineered with balance and weight as a foremost consideration.    As to be expected the 15’ offering is on the heavy side but anyone that runs the big sticks knows it’s a tradeoff for the inherent benefits of a longer rod.  They even thought to forego the typical rod tip with a #7 guide for winter fishing scenerios.  I’m headed to the cottage for a 3 day stint over the Easter Weekend and plan on running the 13‘ hard. 
I hope to have a detailed review upon my return.  Hopefully the conditions hold, the stars align and I get to put a few bends in the R-Type.  Until then here are some specs as listed on their site.
Also check out Rapala Canada's full line of products CLICK HERE. I had no ideal just how involved Rapala has become in the rod and reel segment.  Amazing product offerings! 


Model               Pcs. Len    Rod   Pwr      Action    Lure Wt    Line Rate    Guides   Handle

RT45FD13ML3   3pc   13’   Spin    ML    ModFast   1/32-5/8       4-12         12+Tip      21"

RT45FD15ML3   3pc   15’   Spin    ML    ModFast   1/32-5/8       4-12         14+Tip      21”  


• High modulus HM-45 graphite blank provides
extreme sensitivity, lightness, strength and durability
• RCT3 Rapala® custom taper actions. Fast action custom tapers
generate higher line speeds, longer casts and hook setting power.
• High Density Dark Synthetic Cork handle and Advanced
Split-Grip Design handle with exclusive X-Grip™ provides
balance and comfort
• Rapala® Maximum Guide System offers minimum weight,
improved rod balance and optimum load distribution.
• Premium PacBay® Minima™ Guides. The thin, lightweight high-frame structure of the guide provides exceptional
strength. Alconite ring inserts are extremely smooth anddurable and provide virtually frictionless casting.
• Blank through handle construction. Gives the rodstrength, balance and sensitivity.
• Custom Hook Keeper.
• Each R-Type™ rod comes with a protective silk screened bag.



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