Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weekend with Norland Day 2

Friends...What would you do without them.  Day 2 of the trip was extremely cold.  We awoke to temps well into the negative and Norland's curse can be thanked once again reared its ugly head. 
The US military may want to draft Norland as a means to control the weather patterns.  When they need to take out some unfavourable misfit resistance they could just send Norland in on a  fishing trip and the weather would wipe everything off the map. 

The forecast was still looking favourable for a Monday float and there was only one obsticle in our way...a mountainous pile of snow and ice infront of the garage door.  The sun poked through the clouds and we hit the pile with some ole fashioned elbow grease. 
It was actually a nice change of pace and over the course of a few hours we beat the beast and cleared the garage door.  Now there was nothing standing in our way.  As a reward we took the sleds for a ride through the property back to the Hydro Cut. 
It was Norlands first time on a snowmobile and I think he is hooked.  Later we fished up near the damn but struggled with iced guides and a flow on the edge. 
The river vis in perfect but the fish just couldn't be located.  Hopefully a float in the Hyde lower in the river is the ticket.  Stay tuned...

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