Friday, April 19, 2013

Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears

Truth be told I am seriously starting to get excited about the Alaska trip.  I have been so preoccupied with work and the Shutdown that my thoughts have been consumed with the evil devices of modern Industrialization.  It's a necessary evil and part of my employment.  Typically when it's all said and done there is a giant pot of money and some memorable moments.  This small outage will certainly pay for the Alaska trip and then some so the two week commitment is really a small price to pay.
Today I had a lull in the action and my thoughts began to shift towards the upcoming trip.  One of the highlights of this trip for me is the fact that we will be in Brown Bear country.  Alaskan Coastal Brown Bear country to be precise.  A while back someone asked me what the difference is between a Grizzly bear and a Brown bear.  I didn't honestly know so I embarked on a little Internet research adventure.  What I learned was that genetically there really is no difference.  They are the same species. 
The huge differences lie in geography.  Geography plays a giant part in bear diet.  This is the kicker my friends!!!  The Alaskan Brown Bear has a primary diet of protein rich fish and the like.  Food is plentiful on the coast and these bears grow to an enormous size.  The inland Grizzlies of the highlands and mountainous regions primarily forage for their food and a great deal of their diet consists of plant matter. 
This and the fact that they have to travel great distances sees them burning more calories and results in a smaller body mass.  Their cardio is probably amazing as well as their land speed times but their overall size and mass is smaller in comparison to the fish eaters.
Many moons ago when I was attending Sir Sanford Fleming College we went to the Toronto Sportsman show.  One of the highlights of that years show was the Grizzly Bear that was used in most if not all of the movies of the time.  I believe the bear was named Bart and the owner and handler had raised him since he was a cub.  They backed a trailer into the heavily secured arena and opened the door. 
When the bear entered the arena the place went dead silent.  I felt the hair on the back of my neck rise and my heartbeat begin to race.  I immediately scanned my surroundings for the exits in case things got weird.  It was surreal to be in the presence of such an magnificent, enormous beast.  One really has no idea of the true size and mass of these creatures until you are in their company.  They are majestic giants and their mere presence instills fear and respect.  Ever since that encounter  I have had a genuine fear and respect for these giants but at the same time there is nothing more I want from this trip than to see them in their wild and natural element and capture them on camera.

I ran across this crazy video while surfing tonight.  It made me laugh and think...I really only have to out run Old Man Maxfield.


Trotsky said...

Oh My..
Couple things..
First, penis is a Majestic Giant...and from now on that is what it formally shall be referred to as.
I hope you all die by way of Grizzle bite you turdknockers
..soon to be grizzly dung

Steeliemax said...

got my laso packed you can thank me later lmao

Steeliemax said...

check my blog I posted my training video for the trip

Anonymous said...

Y'all gonna get mauled