Sunday, November 03, 2013

"The fish are big this year..."

The fall Salmon Season of 2013 has run it's course on the Westside of Michigan.  The run was significant and one underlying theme early on in the run was that the fish were big this year.  Reports of giant kings pushing upwards of 35 lbs were reported.  Our brief shot at the almighty king proved no different with a share of hefty brutes to the bank.  The notable increase in size only spoke of prime and ideal conditions encountered in the big water.  This left us all wondering... How did the Steelhead  fare?

The Ontario home waters have been inundated with large amounts of precipitation over the past month.  As a result they have been unfishable more than not this season.  This weekend proved no different.  With back to back downpours the rivers once again spiked to unmanagable conditions just in time for the weekend.  With this in mind we hit the border in pursuit of some lower river Steelheading on the Big Manistee.  Early credible reports spoke to larger than normal Steelhead all along the Westside of the State. 
We set out from the cabin Friday morning with the Hyde in tow and headed towards the lower river.  Its was a classic fall outing and we couldn't have asked for better conditions.  The skies were ominous with a constant threat of rain.  The winds were cool and a cold front was on the fringe of pushing in.  The river was up and rising from the early morning rain event but the colour held true and near perfect.  We set the Hyde adrift and rowed towards our first destination...The Pumpkin Run. 
We didn't hit a tonne of fish but the few that graced us with their presence were outstanding specimens.  Although both fish I touched were awesome in their own regard one clearly stood out.  My new personal best Great Lakes Steelhead.  I am not good with weights but if I had to be a guessing man I'd commit to the better side of fifteen.  Truly a fish that will never be forgotten and a story to be retold and relived over the coming years.  Are the fish bigger this year?  I'll give that a Hell-ya!

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Steeliemax said...

where the comment on the total thank to your net guy and boat guy and camera guy for helping you fulfill your dream of catching a 15 lb greatlakes steelhead. Oh yea dont forget the bait guy lol we all know what he is called

lambton said...

You must have been dropped as a baby! A lot! Ha

Never seen a better net job than the ones you pulled off on those pigs! Good job now get back to work!

Atlas said...

Those fish are just ridiculous. Very jealous sir. Enjoyed the blog, first time visitor.

JB said...

So was that a personal best for you? Excellent fish, my man.